03 January 2007

Thoughts During the Sugar Bowl

We haven't finished a season right since the 1994 Cotton Bowl. Please?

Went for it on fourth down in the 1st quarter? There is aggressive playcalling, and there is showing zero faith in your defense. This stinks of the latter.

Zenon, a guy named Zenon is hurting us like this?

Clearly it is because he is from the future, that is how he knew when to go for the interception. Disqualify her, er, him!

Dude, when did Bubba Smith get reincarnated as a quarterback? Sheesh, that guy is huge...

Halftime - not as bad as I feared, so far... Coach Weis has not been exactly firing the team up at halftime - Let's see if he can pull a Holtz and come from behind...

Apparently, Brady Quinn -likes- passing into double coverage. Sure it looks cool when it works, but more often than not - ugliness.

The Admiral totally called me out - as I was yelling about some coaching call or another, she said, "You shout, but your heart just isn't in it." Yup, like the team, I am just flat - no fire after the half. They are watching it slip away, and don't seem to be fighting it. As I feared, not exactly a come-from-behind team.

*sigh* The 9 mo old mini-PBS decided she could not sleep. Missed pretty much all of the 4th qtr. But, hooray for DVR, I can rewind. ... And dern, there is really nothing in the 4th worth seeing. So, fast forward to make sure there is nothing ... nope. Again, hooray for DVR.

I can not say I am surprised at the outcome... but I will don my mourning ribbon anyway:


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