13 November 2006

Bleeding He11

So, if you can not tell by the date on my previous post, something is amiss here at The D.o.T.  Please standby until I get my posting technical issues sorted out - assuming that this post even makes it up there.  *grumble grumble*

10 November 2006

Election Day

Vote today.  Vote vote vote.



If you don’t like the way things are running, chances are that there is an election that affects whatever it is you have an issue with.


If you do like how things are going, show your support by voting for those who help the issues you like.


If you think your vote doesn’t matter, consider this:

Sure, in presidential elections, your vote is filtered by the electoral college middle-man, meaning that your vote may count for less than someone’s vote in a small state, or not at all if you are in a clear minority in your state, as most states commit their electoral college votes en masse.  HOWEVER, these elections are direct – no middle-man.  Besides, the only way for the president to execute policy effectively is with Congress.  You can significantly affect policy with votes on off years like this, especially in a year like this where things are tight.


Besides, you might think that you have little say in presidential candidates, but consider – presidential candidates have to come from somewhere, and how they perform during the lower level elections greatly determines who ends up running for the big office.  Help decide now who will run in two year.


Just VOTE dammit.


It is the only way democracy works.