12 September 2006

A Tree Hugger I can get behind

My disdain for the overly simplistic cries of alarm regarding our environment have been discussed here before.  However, proving that if you wait long enough, everything possible will occur, I have found an environmentalist, a PROMINENT environmentalist and "planetary diagnostician" I can cheer.
Dr. James E. Lovelock, winner of the  Blue Planet Prize, inventor of the electron capture detector, which measures dispersed traces of pesticides and chlorofluorocarbons, proponent of the Gaia concept of ecology, has proposed a solution to help stem "global heating".
Yup, you read that right.  An environmentalist who *doesn't* get excessively lathered up at the mere mention of splitting uranium (or plutonium, if you are a wild and crazy frenchman or indian).  I am immediately fascinated by any enviro-type who says, "We live in a nuclear-powered universe. We’re the oddballs by getting energy from burning carbon."


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