21 July 2006

TAD Lessons Learned

So, my absence may or may not have been noticed. If you care, I was in Texas on TDY. It is a small part of a much larger program, but it is my little slice, so there.

Things learned while there:
If a Person of Importance is agreeing with your main points, even if they are doing so for reasons that are not actually factual, one should not try and correct them in a large meeting. It is best to shut up, let them back you up, and fix them later.

If a contractor agrees with you in private concerning improving practices for quality of work reasons, they are simply doing it to get you to leave them alone. They will disavow any knowledge of said agreement in public.

Just because the guy across the table from you is also a government employee as well does not mean he is on your side. He may very well be more concerned with looking out for #1 rather than the sailor who has to take this system to sea.



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