05 July 2006

Mocking and Belittling: Hunger Strikers

Before I provide the link, I must point out a few things.  The article, if read carefully, explains what involvement the most highly touted members of this “protest” will have.  Apparently, they have the dedication and self-discipline of another famous practitioner of this form of protest.

Yes, the “rolling fast”, where you just don’t eat for a day, and get to feel quite virtuous about it.  Most folks would call it a quick crash diet, I call it a bad underway day, where you might have maneuvering watch, followed by regular watch, followed by a quick drill set, followed by another watch.  Can I retroactively apply that to whatever lame-ass cause I want to quasi-support, just to make me feel better about it all?

That is right, folks, celebrity hunger strikes, they are not what they are cracked up to be.


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