13 June 2006


When, in the balance of privacy vs. security, a government official says that three to four hours worth of legwork is too much, and in the “balance between privacy and police authority” this causes the situation to be “weighted too far on the side of privacy,” I shudder.

Read that again. Three hours of work is simply too much for the RI police to do to ensure that the rights of citizens’ are protected, by talking to a judge.

Why this haste? Because they are tracking down a terrorist training camp that is likely to move? Because they are trying to find a kidnapped child who is in imminent danger? No, three hours is too much work to determine who pays for an internet account. Oh, and by the way, in order to figure that out, they are going to open up all your electronic records without a warrant as well. Because three hours is just too much time to take to ensure that our rights are safeguarded.

Any comment Lubber?


At 6/13/2006, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

You’re baiting me, I didn’t know if I should respond, after all big brother could be watching here in Little Rhody.

Saw a short piece on the local news this morning on my way out the door, but it didn’t get the details. At first blush I thought, well another over reaction to police looking for a more efficient ways to protect the public. That being said there is a balance to be struck between risk verses rights and in this case I think the 4th amendment needs to be protected.

If reaction time to an eminent and significant threat were the issue then I think RI lawmakers could find a way to expedite the warrant process not bypass it. I wonder how many crimes involving the use of the internet really need an immediate response. Sure, sexual predators on the internet are a problem but usually this is a long term behavior that many police agencies have found ways to monitor for and respond to. But most crime on the internet is associated with fraud and international in scope. Sad to say but local and state police can do little about some scumbag in Nigeria defrauding senior citizens over the internet.

The RI State Police need to do the paperwork and Rhode Island’s part-time lawmakers need to look at what constitutional rights are compromised for little gain.

At 6/13/2006, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

Damn spellchecker, imminent not eminent... -LL

At 6/14/2006, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...


You're right, I was totally baiting you ;-) Glad to see it worked.

And yeah, my thoughts are in-line with yours. So we must be right!


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