27 June 2006


Oh, all right, here is the full unit. Everything you need is visible, save the nameplate. Guesses?

If you really want to see the other views of the thing, they are below the fold in the Full Post. So, bubbleheads, what is it? Bonus points if you can tell me from what flavor of system it is from. Older bubbas will probably have a hard time with this one, but certain coners (yeah, I am looking at you, sonarman) should be able to get this one.

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Because trivia is easier than a real post (although, I do have a real post bouncing about, just needs some editing, really), I present:

Another view:

And since there was a 120Hz whine, below is a further hint:


At 6/27/2006, Blogger bothenook said...

attitude adjustment device? i can see the gain adjust, and the d connector for the electrodes to connect to the soft body parts, but i don't see a bell crank or 120VAC power inlet.
i give up. you young kids with your technology. why, in my day, you had to spin a meggar by hand to adjust someone's attitude.

At 6/27/2006, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

Bah, the best attitude adjuster is still a charged up capacitor tossed to the unsuspecting. I like the guess, though ;-)

At 6/29/2006, Blogger sonarsup said...

I gave up and cheated... Coming from two Q-5E build 30 TRIDENTs and one Q-5D fast boat back in the day I had no idea... The SMMTT at Bangor didn't have it either! *curses COTS*


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