12 June 2006

Two Irish Football Players are Two Sport Terrors

Fightin’ Irish Strong Safety Tom Zbikowski (6’0”, 208lbs) had a strong professional debut this weekend. What? He went pro? Not to worry – his professional debut was in the boxing ring, and he destroyed his competition in 49 seconds. Read about it here, or go to ND Nation and watch the video of the fight.

On a slightly scarier note, Jeff Samardzija, ND’s standout wide receiver with a name even more difficult to pronounce than Zbi’s, has the chance to go pro. Again, not in football. This time, the sport is baseball, as apparently the always sad Cubbies are ready to sign Jeff as a pitcher, despite his status as a football standout. Bo knows Samardz…i…something?

This article on Zbi is even better - the stuff about Ohio state: classic!
This article even addresses both of the player's recent acheivments, and also underscores what I said all last season - Jeff S. is a class act (both of 'em, actually).


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