16 June 2006

In the Interest of Jointness...

In an effort to run more efficiently, [the Navy] is sending its admirals back to school to learn how to think more like entrepreneurs. … A dozen admirals and a handful of other Naval leaders completed a week of executive education classes at Babson College.

Ok, not a bad idea, as perennial acquisition process hates Chap and CDR Salamander would, hopefully, agree.  Honestly, anything to make the acquisition process more efficient is good – there are no unlimited lines of funding anymore.  Additionally, the Admirals learned something else:

They ditched their uniforms in exchange for khakis and casual sweaters and dispensed with formal titles to call each other by nicknames like "Sully" and "Arch."
Yup, they learned to act like the Air Force…

H/T Kat


At 6/21/2006, Blogger CDR Salamander said...

PCUSA lost my whole family in the late 70s when the big shift left took place.

We have had lots of company....and I see they want to dig deeper. The Left has used your good nature to destroy a once great church so they can fill themselves with selfish pride. Fight it, or accept your loss.


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