05 June 2006

A Decidedly Non-Trivial Lawsuit

The father of the deceased Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder is suing Fred Phelps’ foul flock for invasion of privacy based on their abhorrent protests outside his son’s funeral.

Sadly, I will venture a guess that this probably won’t fly, as the Phelps crew, being peopled by a large percentage of lawyers, was probably on public property and therefore will more than likely be safe from the invasion of privacy charge. However, if ever I wanted to be proven wrong, this is definitely one of those times. Even if he loses, I hope he ties up plenty of the Phelps’ time and money defending themselves.

I wonder if there is a legal fund to contribute to for his assistance?


At 6/05/2006, Blogger Vigilis said...

"being peopled by a large percentage of lawyers"? I had no idea, can you send me the evidence?

As you may know, PBS, my general opinion of lawyers makes even Al-Qaida folk look like comparitive saints. If you can really document that, I will gladly publicize the hellish connection with devilish impact.

At 6/06/2006, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

Vig, here is a report from the Anti-Defamation Leaugue, which states, among other things:
"The Church is led by the septuagenarian Reverend Fred Waldron Phelps Sr., and many WBC congregants are related to Phelps by blood,"
"Trained as a lawyer, Fred Phelps was disbarred in 1979 by the Kansas Supreme Court ... Phelps continued to practice law in Federal courts."
"In 1985, nine Federal court judges filed a disciplinary complaint charging him and six of his family members, all attorneys, with making false accusations against them."

Additionally, I recall reading in the comments over at Blackfive's (can't find it now), a gent who had encountered them years ago. He stated that their main means of raising funds was lawsuit after lawsuit against those who reacted, ahh, poorly to their antics. He knew this because he took a swing at one of them and ended up getting the snot sued out of him. I have no documentation for this story, but it had the ring of truth, ya know?

Also, check here, which states:
"Of Phelps' 13 children, all adults, at least 11 are lawyers, nine are members of his cult, and several work for the family firm."

At 6/06/2006, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Hmmm...interesting...but not surprising...Lawyers...Ahhhhhch...most of em are scum of the earth. I'll be checkin out those sites as well....as Vigilis stated....would make a good post....Cookie....


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