30 May 2006

Warriors On Screen

If you happened to peruse the CNN homepage this weekend, and saw the link to the Entertainment Weekly story concerning their pick for the 10 best movies about the veteran's experience, I am sorry.  If you didn’t stumble across the aforementioned link, don’t bother.  Suffice it to say, only movies about broken, bitter men made the list.  I am not saying that these movies are without merit, and indeed, in many ways we need movies like Born on the Fourth of July, but to compile a list of all of them, and portray them as the best compilation of a veteran’s experience is insulting.

Instead, I will point you, friends, towards Greyhawks’ post about The 300, and his ruminations about the warrior ethos, and with these thoughts in mind, ask you what movies you would place on that worthy list?  The movies he mentions specifically are all excellent examples, to which I would add Braveheart (Mel Gibson often seems to get it).

So, friends, what movies would you add to this estimable list?


At 5/31/2006, Blogger bothenook said...

i think the movie Das Boot would classify. they depicted the whole "duty before common sense" pretty well.


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