13 April 2006

A Nuclear Iran When?!?

How’s this for confusing -

Compare this analysis:
Western nuclear analysts said yesterday that Tehran lacked the skills, materials and equipment to make good on its immediate nuclear ambitions

To this one (h/t GVH):
Iran ... may be capable of making a nuclear bomb within 16 days, a U.S. State Department official said.

Confused?  How could two learned bodies disagree so completely?  For a thourough explanation, look no further than the Captain’s Quarters.  However for a quick and dirty (how I like it) rundown, I will sum up.

It all has to do with centrifuges.  Currently, Iran has a few, which they obtained very secretly, to enrich uranium.  However, they claim they will immediately increase the number they have by at least twenty-fold, and soon have more than 330 TIMES the number of centrifuges than they currently have.  How can they do that if it was so much trouble just to obtain a few?  Well, now that they have them, they have learned to make them on their own.  Whoops, good way to control dangerous, dual-use technology, folks.

The first estimate is based largely on the small number of centrifuges Iran currently has.  The second estimate is assuming they already have the 330 fold increase.  So, PBS’s bet?  They can probably jump to the intermediate number of centrifuges pretty quickly, and that means they could be pumping out nuclear weapons, a few a month, in 9 or ten months.  And if they keep working on their industrial base while they do so, that number will continue to go down as the manufacture weapons.  So, next Valentine’s Day, then?  Until then, maybe CDR Salamander can pour us all a few drinks.

Watching South Park so You Don't Have To

OK, I’ll admit it, I grew tired of South Park a long time ago. However, I felt compelled to watch the “Cartoon Wars” eps, if for no other reason than to see what might kick off a new round of Islamo-silliness (yay riots!). However, as I am sure you already know, no image of Mohammed was shown. Was it Comedy Central or South Park that edited out the image of Mohammed? Based on the tone of the episode, I’d have to say it was Stone and Parker, the creators of South Park, who did the cutting. It seemed in line with the painful point-making of the two part arc – basically, I came away thinking, “Well, they are ticked that Comedy Central isn’t showing a couple of their episodes anymore, aren’t they?” While some may debate my conclusion, I am fairly comfortable with it.

So, in the interest of fairness (I mean, they showed Jesus rather crudely [as usual] in the episode), here is what Mohammed would have looked like, from their fifth season:
Snagged from Wikipedia
And here:
From a Google Image Search

And here is what I think they were upset about getting pulled by Comedy Central:

Lifted from the Jawa Report
Or was it this one:
Another from Wiki

All in all, I found the eps rather tiresome. Nope, I sure won’t be going out of my way to watch more. I got my fill of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny a long time ago.

UPDATE: Mea Culpa
It turns out it *was* Comedy Central that did the censoring. Grrr. Pathetic. So apparently, it is true, "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network." So will the previously mentioned episode, Super Best Friends, not be shown anymore? And why is it ok to show images of other religious icons, including in THAT SHOW, in an even worse light, such as here, where Jesus defecates on, and is defecated upon by, multiple people?

So, Comedy Central has set the bar - as long as you can bring a credible threat of violence, they will bow to your demands. Way to go, dhimmis.

(H/T Malkin and Captain's Quarters)

12 April 2006

You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting

So, work is grand [/sarcasm]

CDR Salamander captures my mood fairly well. Nothing like being told you need to broaden your experience beyond the almost pure-engineer you are branded as, and then have the same person telling you that immediately turn around and tell you you won’t be able to do something that would broaden your experience because you are so engineering focused that this opportunity does not play to your strengths.

Where have I been?

Despite what everyone may think, I am not dead. Granted, I have been relatively quiet of late, aside from a few snarks on other people’s sites, but that was due to real life intruding, not due to any muzzling, as Vig may have feared.

What real life, you may ask? Well, first and foremost, I am again a proud papa, and my better half now deserves a promotion to Admiral. Our new wee one was born on the 21st, and, despite some last minute drama from the Admiral’s OB, everything went amazingly well. So now I have 4 mini-PBS’s:
V2.1 – Son, age 6
V2.2 – Son, age 4
V2.3 – Daughter, age 2
V2.4 – Daughter, just commissioned

Now, you may be wondering how that explains such a long absence. The truth is, it doesn’t. No, in order to keep our karma balanced, before we got our wonderful latest (and last) bundle of joy, we got hit with a series of waterfalling disasters. If you really want to hear our tale of woe that preceded V2.4’s birthday, click on “Read the Full Post”. However, if you want just the bottom line: Disasters are, well, if not over, at least being managed, and baby is here and gorgeous, and the Admiral is recovering. So, I should be back pretty much regularly from here on out.

The series of disasters started about 3 weeks ago. V2.1 brought home a virulent little stomach bug from school. He and I both went down hard with the virus. A few days later, V2.2 and V2.3 both got it, as well as the ADM, oh, and V2.1 relapsed and got sick again. Luckily it was over a weekend, so I was at least around to tend to the sick masses. The bad news is we didn’t have nearly enough buckets for every person who was consistently losing any food or water they ingested. Needless to say, after several days of this, I was beat. It was around 5:30 in the morning several days into this that began to spiral out of control. I had just stripped V2.3’s bed and replaced the bedding, as she had booted all over her sheets (again), and took the soiled linens downstairs to wash (a constant process what with the kiddos beds constantly needing changing what with all the puking). Once I got the sheets started washing, I decided to crash for a few hours on the couch, so I could hear the kiddos should they start erupting again. Around 8:00, V2.1 woke me up with the following line,

“Daddy, why is the floor all wet?”

Apparently, the washing machine, after getting moved by the Navy a half a dozen times or so, decided its life had been simply too rough, and gave up the ghost. In so doing, however, it had been continuously dumping water from its time of death to the time my son woke me up. Needless to say, our entire ground floor was flooded. The rest of the day was spent frantically pulling up carpet to prevent subfloor damage, while trying to simultaneously tend to the sickies.

Sadly, several hours of unchecked spillage meant that every room on the ground floor was affected save the closet in the master bedroom. So now we know the details of working with Servpro (downside: one of the dehumidifiers they set up leaked all over the dining room the first night in operation. *sigh*; upside: very professional, and very friendly group where we live, went a long way to make us forget that slip up from the first night), our insurance company (downside: No local representatives, so everything is done via phone, and only when we can get a hold of our agent; upside: No local representative, so I haven’t gone to jail for murder yet), and the adjuster (downside: first guy who was contracted via our insurance company just stopped returning calls, never showed up; upside: second guy who was contracted for the job has worked with this Servpro team before, so his estimate and theirs were identical – so no whining from the insurance company).

Now, six weeks later, our flooring and drywall is just starting to get replaced. Again, *sigh*. And, as all this floor replacement has required much furniture moving, the cable modem got moved, shoved in an out of the way place that I could not locate, and hence, no blogging from me, save the random snarking I was able to do from work.

So, the long and the short of it – I am back baby, and with another baby to increase the squadron’s numbers!
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