24 February 2006

Sitemeter vs. Gov discrepancy

For the past few days, I could not check my sitemeter stats while at work (yes, I am pathetic, I know), which I found odd, but NMCI being what it is, sometimes its connections are spotty, so I thought nothing of it. Until I checked my sitemeter logs from home last night and realized that my normal daily visitors from .mil and .gov sites (me, Army Signals Command [making sure I am still behaving I guess], a few Navsea and USMC hits) no longer show up at all. So it appears a gov-wide block on sitemeter of all things has been put in place (although Halliburton still shows up ;-} ).

My point? If you like tracking your stats at all, and you get mostly .mil or .gov traffic (like many milblogs), your sitemeter stats will no longer be even close to accurate. Time to look into other ways to track activity…

UPDATE: (2/25/06)
It looks as if Army.mil sites do show at (or at least some), but navy.mil and usmc.mil (thanks NMCI) are not showing up, and all sitemeter pages are still blocked via the NMCI firewall. So, my warning still holds for those who get a lot of Navy and Marine hits...


At 2/24/2006, Blogger David said...

It is still tracking them. Here is a .mil



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