07 February 2006

More Mohammed Cartoon Looniness

Let’s see if I can make this work from the airport:
Decent roundup of the current violence from CNN, albeit somewhat downplaying the Muslim reaction.

Russia thumbs its nose at all kinds of religious fundamentalism, this time the Islamist type. In a museum, no less.

But at least we now know why the cartoons were published. It is because of the Joooooooooos. (UPDATE: Especially funny, because, as someone on Fark points out, "Iran apparently suspects Israel of stockpiling DeLoreans, publishing cartoons in September in reaction to Hamas victory last week.") And the furor Iran is whipping up inside its own borders over the cartoons has absolutely, positively, nothing to do with this.

Buy Danish! (Anyone know if any other countries are complaining about boycott affects yet?)


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