23 February 2006

Mea Culpa


I hate having to admit when I am wrong, but I was wrong.  Or, at least, it appears I was.

When it was first reported that a fisherman claimed a sub got entangled on his nets, and that a nearby sub was unhelpful and overall the Navy was secretive about any possible involvement, I mocked.

Now, however, the Navy has paid the man for the damage to his boat, although the “Navy did not give … any information about what it found during its investigation of the incident.

So, it appears that either the boat did indeed snag a sub, or that the Navy found it simply easier to pay this man to make this story go away.  Either way, I still stand by the rest of my previous mocking.


At 2/23/2006, Blogger Vigilis said...

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At 2/23/2006, Blogger Vigilis said...

Commendable and intersting update, PBS. Let's hope our government, particularly our military does not start paying off extortive legal claims to make "problems go away". We all know what that will bring in a country full of ambulance chasers.


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