10 February 2006

Global Warming Fear-Mongering

Once again, scare-tactics, hand-wringing, and bad science rule the day when it comes to reporting on Global Warming. The ‘Hockey Stick’ diagram is again being trotted around to ‘prove’ that we are in a crisis.

I was going to put together a whole post pointing out the fallacies of this assumption, and that this is all based on the fact that we have been in the process of emerging from an ice age during the only window of time these studies examine, as I have done before, but instead I will point you to a site that does it much more completely than I, a mere amateur, could hope to describe. As a preview, though, compare the above, relative “short-term” and badly derived graph to the one below, based on hard evidence, and not different sources grafted together.

All I will add is that one must remember, the climate is not a static thing, it will change, and there are massive energies involved. Our contributions to climate change border on insignificant.


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