01 February 2006

Color me Surprised

The Germans and the French have jumped on board the Freedom of Speech train, republishing the “controversial” caricatures of Mohammed.  If Muslims are so worried about images, maybe they should consider this.  Or if it is humor that is disrespectful, try cleaning up your own house, first.  Oh, and they should probably stop adding much more offensive images of their own to the list to try and stir people up, that is just a little too transparent.

However, it looks like the EU is deciding that certain rights are important and worth standing up for.  Good for them!  Let’s see if the boycott gets extended to their products, too.  But for now, do not forget to Buy Danish!

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Malkin is there.


At 2/01/2006, Blogger Majali said...

let me get this straight... if I was to say, "Down with the USA!" or "death to the USA" would you be in support of me saying it since it's freedom of speach, even if you don't agree with what I say? Would you be like "Support Her!" if other people were trying to boycott me and whatever goods that I sell, because I chose to use my rights????

Are you truly trying to protect freedom of speach (therefore it must extend in all cases) or are you just trying to protect something that insults Muslims all around the world?

At 2/02/2006, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

Thank you for your question, and the polite tone in which it was asked.
Actually, that is exactly what I am saying. When there were attempts to shut down the Robert Maplethorpe exhibts because it contained images disrespectful to Christianity, I was opposed to that as well, even though I am a Christian. Freedom of speech is not a conditional right, only for those who only say nice things. It is an essential right for all. Period. Boycotting an entire country because one newspaper published relatively harmless cartoons is not only ridiculous, it is an attempt to gag that essential right.


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