01 February 2006

Buy Danish!

If you care to buy Danish, here are some good starting points:
The Danish Deli
Order Danish food online
Mmm, good cheeses and such from Igourmet
Who knew? LEGO is Danish.

For more, check the History News Network – although they are a little laggy – They are getting a lot of traffic.

For more Free Speech type images like the one above, check CDR Salamander’s new site, Draw Mohammed Week. Gotta love it, find a sore spot and then commence poking it, hard and repeatedly. Just like a sailor.

Oh, and that Quran quote? Here it is.


At 2/01/2006, Blogger Diana Kennedy said...

Cool entry! Yeah, let's buy danish!
I guess You also knew that the tale of the little mermaid was from Christian Anderson - a danish writer. By the way, I enjoyed the JFK quote on your header!


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