05 January 2006

Where have I been?

So, just in case anyone was wondering, I am, in fact, still alive. The truth is, a couple of things have interfered mightily in the time I usually used to post here.

The first impediment was the sudden resurgance of NMCI vigilance, which cut me off from the hotmail account I use as the primary email address for this blog. So, no more posting on my lunch break. To simplify posting and admin from home, I am thinking of setting up a more easily accessible email address, because, honestly, using Thunderbird for all my email accounts *except* my blog account pretty much guarantees that I hardly ever check my blog account. So, new email address will have to happen.

The second drain on my time is a much happier development. There is a new mini-PBS in NewCon. Pretty soon we are going to go from a squadron to a full on SubGru. (My wife, by the way, grits her teeth every time I start up like this. It is a miracle she has not damaged me yet.) Here is the wee one.

Baby was shy during the sonogram, so we don't know the gender, but around St. Patrick's day we should find out =) As you might imagine, though, my domestic duties have increased, especially since the wife was ordered by the OB to stay off her feet as much as possible. This is new territory for me (the kids are learning to like Thai food for dinner, though. Ok, no they aren't, but at least they don't all start bawling when they smell me cooking it anymore), so my blog-time at home has taken a serious hit.

Thirdly (yes, they are starting to pile up), I got busted. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have tried to remain anonymous to the general public. However, there are only so many former bubblehead officers working in my office (2, to be exact), only so many with three kids (just one), who attended ND (again, just one), etc... As I work for Team Sub at NAVSEA, it means there are plenty of people that like their work enough to read blogs that relate to it. So, it was bound to happen, someone figured out who I was. Thankfully, it was a friend, but it made me think twice about posting again. There is no specific policy that I know of, and I try to be very concious of classification and business sensitive stuff. Even so, I was worried. So I took some time to rethink it all. Obviously, I feel like I am morally and legally in the clear, so I will continue. I am not going to trumpet who I am (why advertise?), but I am a little less concerned about being secretive about my identity. So, in that vein, how about a boat pic? It is the JOs just before they started making pizza (we tried to do it at least once an underway - once a month if we were underway that long). Can you guess which one PBS is? Bonus points if you can identify the insignia on the collar of the guy in the foreground. For answers, click on Read the Full Post.

And here are your answers:

In reverse order of asking. A - A mid from the Merchant Marine Academy was riding us for this run. He couldn't believe how clean our engineroom was, and kept commenting on how dirty the MM enginerooms were - they never field day'd. Many nukes considered trying to transfer.
B - No, the devil horns are not me. The guy in question had just gotten his orders for his shore tour - NAVSEA(08). I got him the horns so he would fit in at his new job.
C - Yup, that is your intrepid PBS, showing affection for his sea dad. Notice the big smile on sea dad - he seems to be enjoying it. Well, we had been underway for many weeks at that point.

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At 1/05/2006, Blogger bothenook said...

glad you decided to resume posting there PBS. and isn't amazing what they can do with a little coupling gel and a transducer? waiting to find out what kind of plumbing comes with the new addition is a lot more fun.

At 1/06/2006, Blogger WillyShake said...

Hey, Congrats PBS! Good to know that there is still good news among Irish fans these days after that miserable Fiasco Bowl no-show. Love that Patty's Day due date too! LOL

At 1/06/2006, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

I figure with old dad at center, I will soon have the makings of a basketball team. However, I don't think Mrs. PBS will let me try for a full-on football team, much less enough for just an offense ;-)

At 1/08/2006, Blogger Bubblehead said...

Congrats, and welcome back!


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