25 January 2006

Look out! It's Nook-yoo-lar!

This report sounds like a nuclear-boogeyman story.  Ok, there was a tritium leak – bad. But what is tritium, you might ask? Basically, water. Water with a few H2O's that have heave H's. Not that dangerous, actually. Helk, nuke-urban-legend even has Hyman Rickover drinking a glass of it in front of Congress to prove it is safe. But it is still abnormal, so therefore worrisome, right? Well, levels outside the facility were well below EPA standards – so we are now, what, going to be more stringent than the experts say we should be?  Hmmm, in that case, let’s take another look at pollution from coal plants.  However, I could be way off base – I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if any other info pops up.  (H/T Drudge)


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