06 January 2006

It's a Small Fleet

I admit it - I am terrible at keeping up with people once they or I move. So I often hear about how folks are doing from unlikely sources, rather than the horse's mouth. For example, I found out that my old A-Gang MMCS, after having left the boat to head up a recruiting station and from there to supposedly retire, as he was told he would need at least one more sea tour before even being considered for a COB billet, is back on the boat. Yup, not only back at sea, but on the Ustafish. And how did I find that out? The Day ran an article on the Ustafish's last deployment, and his picture was in the article. That triggered some of the worst nostalgia I have had in a while. And now The Day reports that another old shipmate is the P.O. of the month for the Sub base. In addition to the accomplishments the paper lists, I have one more: He was one of the best dam helmsman to sit the chair in my time on the boat. Congrats ET2(SS) Baptiste.

-And here is the body of the article, as it will expire on The Day soon:

Published on 1/1/2006
Groton— Lordnell Baptiste Jr., a Electronics
Technician Second Class, has been selected as Service Person of the Month of
Baptiste, who enlisted in the Navy on Aug. 18, 1999, reported to
Naval Submarine Support Center in September 2004. He attended William E. Grady
Technical Vocational High School and Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn.
Baptiste has coordinated more than 450 submarine arrivals and departures to
the submarine base, His diligence in maintaining the Port Operations database
ensured the submarine movements to and from Groton submarine base are conducted
with the utmost professionalism.


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