30 January 2006

Introducing Your Military-Industrial Complex

Just in case you were wondering where the DoD Budget all goes, here is a major source:

The Top 10 DoD Contractors: (Amt in contracts this year, in Billions)
10. Computer Sciences Corp. ($2.8)
9.  L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. ($4.7)
8.  United Technologies Corp ($5)
7.  BAE Systems ($5.6)
6.  Halliburton Co. ($5.8)
5.  Raytheon Co.  ($9.1)
4.  General Dynamics ($10.6)
3.  Northop Grumman ($13.5)
2.  Boeing Co. ($18.3)
1.  Lockheed Martin ($19.4)

Total, the DoD contracted out $269.2 billion worth of work, $38.5 billion more than 2004.  The top ten comprises $94.8B of that – so there is still a decent amount of contracting to smaller companies, before anyone thinks that the contracting process is totally broken.

But what's this, Halliburton didn't even crack the top 5?  Geez, so much for Cheney taking care of his old buds.

The article goes on to say that Lockheed is making strides in recasting itself as an "integrator", the guys who make other contractors systems play nice with each other and the military-specific equipment, and they have definitely done so, at least in my arena of SONAR.  This has the added benefit for them of ensuring they have a finger in every pot, and are up to speed on every development any other contractor brings to the table.  Clever, really.


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