10 January 2006

Google THIS!

Gotta love the search engines:

- I am #17 (and the first listen blog, nyeh) for the search “SRC rescue procedure submarine” – Ok, that makes sense.

- #10 (again, first blog) for “Admiral Donald NAVSEA” and #2 and #3 for “peo submarines hilarides” – Again, makes sense, I blog about work a lot.

- #7 for “access blocked hotmail dod” – Ok… come on now, didn’t anyone else notice access get restricted?

- But I am #1, for “navsea fraternization policy.” Really, #1??? Ewwwwwww. It couldn’t have been something cool, oh no. Some NAVSEA engineering hot monkey love curiosity ranks me as the top source for information. Sheesh.

Ok, done navel-gazing now.


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