04 November 2005

A grim anniversary

Today seems to be an appropriate day to congratulate Iran’s new president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, on his first 90 or so days in office. Not because he is delicately handling their relations with their neighbors. Oh no, for the anniversary of one of his earlier achievements.

On November 4, amid another chaotic occupation of the grounds, a mob of around 500 Iranian students calling themselves the Imam's Disciples (although reported numbers vary from 300 to 2000) seized the main US embassy building in Tehran. 66 hostages were taken and held for 444 days. Hostages were often shown blindfolded to local crowds and television cameras. There were some hostages that were beaten after escape attempts and psychological torture was used on others throughout the 444 days. Some spent extended periods in solitary confinement.

What does this have to do with the new president of Iran? It seems that he was there. And not just as a bystander, according to multiple accounts from former hostages.

Alleged photo of Ahmadinejad during the hostage crisis.

This is what happens when terrorists grow up.

President Ahmadinejad attending an anti-Israel rally.

Just remember, terrorism is not a new problem. Recent times are different only because we have had the will to confront it directly.
We did not start this, but we will surely end it.