06 October 2005

Old Sailors...

… apparently hit senility at flank speed. Take, for example, this bubba who created his own “submarine room.” (H/T The Sub Report)

Yeah, right, with ”portals”, a large mermaid mural, and with walls … textured silver gray, I call bad memory – seeing the past through the hazy veil of distance makes one forget, apparently.

I have a few suggestions:
Loose the windows; install harsh fluorescent lights in random places.
Get an air freshener that smells like a fart in an oilcan.
Make the room airtight, and occasionally dump excess CO2 into it, and mutter to yourself about the broken scrubber.
Ensure all the seating doubles as a storage bench, and is as ergonomically incorrect as possible.

Any other ideas, friends? I know there is a whole list floating around out there about how to make a submariner feel at home when on land. I am looking for new, original additions. Anyone?


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