07 October 2005

Logic, people!

I have made this point before, but I will reiterate and expand a little, because of an article The Sub Report has linked to.

Submarine SONAR has proven itself to be fairly innocuous when it comes to danger to biologics.  Add to that the knowledge that the higher the frequency of sound, the less distance it can travel with any power, and since it was a SEAL exercise they are concerned about, it is almost certain that HF SONAR was being used, as opposed to MF SONAR.  Oh, and since humans are similarly susceptible to damage from ensonified water as dolphins, do they really think we would bang out harmful sound with our own people in the water too?



At 10/07/2005, Blogger Vigilis said...

Perhaps people are unaware of the irrefutably large, ongoing slaughter of avian species (endangered or not) by both commercial and Air Force aircraft.
Engines in fact must pass fowl ingestion testing to be certified.
No one would recognize what the gas turbines exhaust.

A foreign power could be behind the dolphin fuss in hopes a defensive Navy will be pressured to disclose something useful about classified, submarine sonar capabilities (not a chance).

At 10/07/2005, Blogger esryle said...

That article listed as current in one of my sources. But it does say it is from a March addition of The Idaho Observer. I will just take the hit on this one for not checking before posting. This Dolphin story is an old and Dead issue. (sorry if I offended any animal rights groups)

The Sub Report

At 10/07/2005, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...


No worries, I think the site that listed it just did so recently. And it allowed me to talk to the HF bit, which I hadn't done yet. No hit on you, it was new to the web ;-)



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