07 October 2005


Two heroes of note for your pre-weekend review:

The first, a submariner who won his countries highest award.  Nope, not the CMH.  I am referring to the VC, and the submariner is James Joseph Magennis.  A diver on a Brit midget sub, the XE.3, he swam out from the sub to attach limpet mines to the Japanese cruiser Takao.  When the mines did not deploy correctly, which prevented the sub from exiting, Magennis immediately volunteered to swim back out, and work on the explosives with a wrench until they were freed.  He had big, huge brass ones.  Oct 8th is the anniversary of his death, and 6 years ago this day he finally got his due and had a statue commemorating his deeds dedicated.

The second should be slightly better known, due to the fact that he had a movie made after him.  On Oct 8, 1918, Sgt (then Cpl) Alvin York led a group of seven soldiers against a German machine-gun nest, eventually killing 25 and capturing 132.  Again, big brass ones.


At 10/11/2005, Blogger WillyShake said...

Ah, Sgt. York--one of my favorites...sounds like they need to do a film of the former hero as well. Thanks for sharing!


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