05 October 2005

Bioluminescence = Kewl

Can you remember the designation of the little microbes that cause a ship’s wake to glow?  I know Lubber’s Line over at Hundreds of Fathoms can tell you it is dinoflagellate.  I know, because he beat me to detailing the phenomena of “milky sea”, and new findings regarding it reported here.  Who knew there was a whole website devoted to bioluminescence?  He did.


At 10/05/2005, Blogger Vigilis said...

Recommend the biochemistry be studied for development of a dyemarker useful after sunset.

At 10/05/2005, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

PBS, thanks for the link. Bioluminescence is a cool topic that I've been wanting to write something on. Didn’t realize it could occur on such a large scale until I ran across the “Milk Sea” story.


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