13 September 2005

What is newsworthy?

Why does the MSM treat Islam like a spoiled child?  No, wait, do not get riled and call me a bigot yet.  Just hear me out for a moment.

When the Israelis build a wall to stop Muslim terrorists from crossing the border, it is heavy-handed and provocative.  When a Muslim country builds one, well, it is laudable, for they are trying to stop terrorism.

When the Israelis knock down buildings as they leave Gaza, it is sour grapes.  When they knock down the homes of terrorists, it causes international furor.  But when the Palestinians burn synagogues, they are simply celebrating.

Israel constantly faces criticism (not necessarily undeserved) for their treatment of the minority Muslims within their borders.  Yet the largest Muslim nation in the world allows militant to close places of worship of minorities within its border, and not a peep is heard in the MSM.

Frankly, it looks to me as if the MSM minimizes tales of discrimination or repression by Muslims.  Why?  Are they afraid it might cloud the issue, and we might forget that they are often portrayed as rightfully upset with all things western?  Do they think Muslims will not respond well to further criticism?  Frankly, if they acted that way towards my sector of society, I would be offended.  Don’t try and cover up for me because you think I can not handle criticism.

At what point do stories like these, and one I mentioned earlier, become newsworthy?


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