16 September 2005

Terrorism can show up anywhere

For those of you who are not watching outside-US news sources, there has been another outbreak of violence, which led to a school being firebombed, policemen being fired upon, and injuries like this being sustained by the most innocent:

Where are these atrocious acts of violence being committed, you might ask? The Middle East, breakaway bits of Russia? Nope, in the UK.

Violence in Northern Ireland has re-erupted in the past week, and everyone’s favorite Euro-terrorism whipping-boy, the IRA, has *nothing to do with it*. The Loyalists, Oragenmen, prots, whatever you wish to call them, started the riots when their deliberately provocative march through Catholic neighborhoods was rerouted. So, of course, shooting at policemen and setting Ulster on fire seems like the appropriate response. But, not to worry, the cooler heads of the loyalists will prevail by, ahh, asking to re-run the march, and then, to help in the long-term calming, by holding a similar march on Christmas. In fact, two more marches aren’t enough, so, how about an Orangemen-organized protest, too? But at least they are apologizing for the current rioting, by saying things like, “I'm not condemning anything at this moment in time.” Because, this list requires no apologies:
-50 police injured
-Petrol bombs thrown
-Blast bombs thrown
-Pipe bombs thrown
-Shots fired at police

Thankfully, the nationalists are letting the authorities handle this, despite more than ample provocation. But keep in mind, the nationalists, who have stuck by their promise to remain peaceful, are the bad guys here.


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