10 September 2005

The Religion of Peace?

*Sigh* Religion of peace? Anyone? Anyone?

Just a thought – what kind of international outrage would there be if we tried to force Muslims from their lands? Or if the Israelis tried to do that? Oh wait, that happened, and there was outrage. But for Christians? Nothing.

Particularly appalling: “the torture and murder of two Christian girls in 2003 after they were deemed prostitutes. A post mortem examination reportedly proved they were virgins.

(h/t Captain’s Quarters – a better breakdown than I give, I am sure)

UPDATE: Ninme links to another article that gives more backstory and many more details.


At 9/10/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the largest relic of the stone age. The largest cult that ever existed. But merely a cult of bigotry and propaganda nevertheless. China will have the last word, Allah willing, with these intolerant, parasites.

Peace? Not even if all infidels are slain will lazy animals like this attain peace. To the glory of Tariq al-Humacao


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