12 September 2005

Project Prometheus

Back when NASA still looked upwards in the hope of future exploration, rather than simply maintaining a useless space station and an aging fleet of space-taxis, errr, shuttles, it teamed with Naval Reactors in an effort to jointly develop power systems for long-term space exploration missions.  This effort was called Project Prometheus, and it involved using nuclear power for missions destined for outside the solar system.  It was a large, lofty goal, but that kind of ambition is what we should expect out of our only agency dedicated to exploring.  Who better to team with that Nuclear Reactors, the engineers who have been running the most successful and safe nuclear power program in the world?  Such a collaboration on such a project should have been uplifting.

Instead, it is apparently on its way to being cancelled.

And so, NASA will continue making itself irrelevant and uninspiring, and I will be glad I did not pursue the job I dreamed of in this program.  *sigh*  Audentes Fortunas Juvat indeed…


At 9/12/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fortune Favors the Bold still holds true. NASA is a convenient, civilian compromise so the Air Force, Navy, and agencies (you know the ones) do not fight publicly over program control.

It worked for a long time. Since missions in the national interest should never be privatized, it may be time to let the California DMV run our space program. Arnold could use the extra revenue.


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