17 September 2005

Next - Michigan State!

UPDATE (9/19):
Well, an exciting game, if not the outcome I wanted.  Notre Dame’s offense is exciting again, and that is a nice change.  Now if we only had a defense.  Ah well, when you are coached by an offensive coordinator, these things take time.  Makes the old coaches’ predictions look prescient, though:

Tomorrow is game day!  So, today is press day – but today, we get a special treat.  We get to hear what  not only our current coach, but also what recent ND coaches think of the ND’s chances against Michigan State as well:

Lou Holtz:  Oooh, it is going to be a tough game.  Michigan State is a really good team, underrated.  They are the second ranked offense in division I-A, they average 592 yards a game.  We haven’t beaten them at home since 1993, and that was the last time we were actually good.  Even I lost to them my first year.  Tough team, tough team.  Of course, I beat them 8 years in a row after that…

Bob Davie: F&%$!  I never beat that F&*ing team!  At home, away.  I don’t think I could have beaten them if we tied up their coach and half their defensive line!  G&* D*^#it!  But at least I still got my contract renewed.

Tyrone Willingham:  Well, respectfully, I did manage to beat them my first year of coaching.  It was a darn good year.  Of course, I lost to them the following year.  And even though I only had one losing season, barely, instead of two like someone I could name *cough* Davie *cough*, I never got my contract renewed.  In fact, I am the only coach at ND to ever get fired before my contract was up.  I am just saying.

Coach Weis:

Weeeelllll, ok, that wasn’t quite what we expected.  Hmmm, well, it’ll be a tough game, either way.  Now, time to get the grill ready and start soaking some bratwurst in beer!

UPDATE: Moved to the top for game day!    


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