19 September 2005

Monday links

Quick links of note:

Hey, time has discovered this amazing thing, MilBlogs!  Wow, to get unbiased news from the front, you can actually… oh, wait, we knew that.  Where have they been?  Oh yeah, hiding in the green zone.  At least MaDeuce, Thunder6, Boots in Baghdad, etc. all get shout outs.

You know, I gave up my beloved truck, and now drive a fuel-efficient car because I have a long-ish commute.  My wife drives a mini-van because, well, we have a bunch of kids.  But at least we aren’t stupid enough to try and make a political statement about the cars we drive.  Hee.  

So, headed down south this week, through the weekend.  The wifey isn’t too happy, and I can not be sure what my connectivity will be.  So, tomorrow will be my last guaranteed posting day for about a week.  I better make it a good one…


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