06 September 2005

Ick, and he still likes ND?

In honor of Coach Weis' first victory at ND, I bring you this quote from ESPN:
Weis understands the mentality of Notre Dame followers, mostly because he was one. He lived at Flanner Hall, was a regular in the student section, and earned his bachelor's degree in speech and drama in 1978. So, of course, he took the degree and became ... an assistant coach at Boonton High School in his native New Jersey.
Flanner? Flanner? And he doesn't hate ND for sticking him in the 'dorm' so dreadful that they turned it into administration offices? Good on him. Those that understand this loathing of Flanner simply know, those that don't (like my sibs, who went to ND after Flanner was no longer a dorm) will never know just how bad it was...


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