24 September 2005

The Coaches' Breakdown

@ Washington, 3:30 on ABC!

Once again, it is time to ask our past and present coaches what they think of ND's chances:

Holtz: Oooh it is gonna be tough. The Huskie have a good running attack. Their run defense is strong. They are coming off a big win, we are coming off a big loss. They could catch us flat. Oooooh. And of course, their coach knows almost all our starters and exactly what they ar capable of. They could suprise us. Of course, in my day, I beat them twice, in '95 and '96, and I didn't have much of a team by then. But those could have been flukes!

Davie: D@m^!t! I never got a chance to play them! I could have beaten them and not had so many losing seasons! Maybe. Of course, there is a 42% chance I just would have blown it. I was only 35-25 at ND. &*c#!!

Willingham: Revenge! REVENGE! Oh, ah, I mean, I am sure it will be a good, clean game on both sides of the ball. Yeah.

Weis: As we prepare...


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