14 September 2005

Bring it...

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has apparently released yet another tape (bet it never cracks the Top 40) declaring that “Crusaders and Shiites share a common goal to wage war against Sunnis.

So, what, attacking hospitals, driving bombs through crowds of kids isn’t war?  If they plan on more forward action, bring it.  The more guys they hang out there to try and attack, the more tend to die.  This just will just speed up the extermination.

Although, I do love how they try and appear like good Muslims when they say, “they will be killed and his house will demolished or burnt - after evacuating all women and children – as a punishment.”  Because, you know, they have shown such consideration for kids before (see above).

The last bit, though, “the scandal of God’s enemy, (US President George W.) Bush in failing to deal with (Hurricane) Katrina,” sounds like something else I heard recently…


At 9/15/2005, Blogger Vigilis said...

Todays TIMES UK: “The enemy here did just the most horrible things you can imagine, in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child’s body and waiting for the parent to come recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parents,” said Colonel H R McMaster, a senior American commander in the town.

Allah willing, al-Zarqawi will perish in an IED accident and see paradise as one of its loveliest virgins. Ha, Ha!


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