15 August 2005

Two quickies

Because I am too lazy to put together a post of my own (and my post about the Tears of St. Lawrence got lost in the aether), I present (both have, ahhh, salty language, take note):

Revenge of the Sith translated from Chinese (Who knew the Presbyterian church was Jedi?) [h/t The Corner]

An Alternative Interpretation of Govt. Warning Signs [h/t Brutal Women (found via The Corner, to end any speculation before it begins...)]

I've been wanting to take the time to properly mock the signs in the second link for a while, but now I do not think I will bother. I don't think I can outdo these. Oh, ok, I'll try. They still probably will be nothing compared to those above. See 'Full Post' to see what I've come up with...

Avoid filing cabinets and all files. Paperwork is a tool of terrorism!

Do not set your house on fire!

Big explosions are fun to watch. Pull over and enjoy the show!

In case of terrorist attack, flee into an undersized building!

Don't go to Missouri, that state is just screwed!

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