19 August 2005

"Light" reading for the weekend

Bunch of news links and such that I have meant to comment on from the last week or so. Since I have failed to write a long, thoughtful post on each, as I intended, here is the Cliff's Notes version:

The Russian Blame Game - A Russian rescuer blamed for disabling the Russian remotely operated vehicle that was trying to free the AS-28. I have become more and more suspicious of news the Russians have put out following this near-disaster. Could this be an attempt by the Russian military to claim, "We had the right equipment, really! We just couldn't use it because this idiot broke it!"

Or they could just say they really didn't need British help, after all. Really. They wouldn't have slowly suffocated.

Submariners need to get more aggressive. Not only about protecting their bases, but by proclaiming how great they are, and how great their history is. I say let's start by re-evaluating who we claim as Sub Medal of Honor winners. Sure, these guys won them while *on* subs, but this Navy hero commanded a few. Why shouldn't we take some credit for his training? Back in the day there was no "community" pipeline, so I am sure there have to be more like him...

Hmmm, China's subs, a threat? Where have I heard that before?

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that I would agree with a Kos poster on this. Thanks for pointing it out, Bubblehead.

More when I have time to hunt around my notes. Maybe.


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