04 August 2005

Every Single Meeting...

...With his "So-Called" superior ... -Syncronicity II, The Police

So, any manager that can use, within five minutes, all the following
meaningless phrases:

"We either sink or swim here" ; "We are the baby in the bathwater" ; "We missed the boat" ; "We are in the Sahara, dying for a glass of water" ; "The writing is on the wall" ; "There is a different beat to the drum now" ; "It is time to get on board or face disciplinary action!"

Has either:
a) Reached "Black-Belt" status in his a$$-clown training; or
b) Gotten so overly-excitied that he cannot keep his metaphors
straight, and will only confuse his team.

Until evidence proves otherwise, I am going with b)


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