15 July 2005


I will probably be a wee bit light on the posting for the few weeks. On Monday I head out to Pearl Harbor for work shtuff, and will be there for ten days (rough job, I know it). Actually, Mrs. PBS is ready garrotte me, since she and M-PBS V2.0 Mods 1-3 are all staying behind.

Ah well, she can at least take heart in that:
1) This is coming out today, and Amazon.com should have it to us by tomorrow, so she and M-PBS V2.0 Mod 1 will have plenty of time to read it together.
2) Rob tells me that seeing sights like these is extremely unlikely, considering where I will be on the Island.


At 7/17/2005, Blogger WillyShake said...


Just kidding--I'm soooo jealous...then again, I just got a pretty nice sun tan/burn while visiting the Montauk lighthouse yesterday--even though we were wrapped in a thick fog!

Have a safe, successful, fun trip!


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