16 June 2005

Shifting Focus?

This article from Newsday, regarding the hiring of a Washington lobbying firm by the state of CT, coupled with the report concerning the three Admirals addressing members of the HASC that I discussed here, has gotten me thinking about the current New London sub base defense plan. While these actions may have some influence over the BRAC recommendations, especially in the run-up to the July 6th hearings in Boston, it seems as if they are pointed towards a different target: Congress. Has the Navy/New London defense team given up on influencing the actual recommendations, and are now hoping to defeat the BRAC en toto when it comes to Congress? I hope not, and here is why:

1) If New London gets pulled off of the recommendation prior to the final BRAC recommendation, that is the only installation that gets affected. If it goes to Congress, they have to give the up or down to -the entire list-, no partial deletions. Overall, I think the BRAC can and will have some positive affects. While I really do not want to see New London close, for a variety of reasons, I am very conflicted about the possibility of sinking the entire BRAC over our base.

2) If this is how New London gets saved, it means it was not saved because the value of the sub force was proved, nor the value of the SUBASE was proved, but that a combination of politics, economics, oh, and maybe military value, saved it. Anyone who gives a rat's tail about the sub fleet, the Navy, or the military, should take that as a slap in the face. If New London is worth saving, and I think it is, then we need to prove it! Using the criteria that matter, not via politics.

Hopefully, I have simply misread this all.


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