15 June 2005

Connecticut gets cagey

Apparently, back in 1994 (probably as a post-1993 BRAC CYA action), Connecticut struck a deal with the federales concerning clean up standards should the NLON SUBASE be closed. As the CT Attorney General says, the aggreement

means DOD "can't leave it, or sell it or contain it; they have to clean it,"

One might say that the Navy had already planned to clean up the base, right? As the Article states:

The Navy has pledged $23.9 million toward making the base clean enough for industrial uses once it is closed.

However, the aggreement with CT requires the base to be cleaned up to residential, not industrial standards. Now, the CT AG is asking the CT Senators to "subpoena certain documents that prove the U.S. Navy knew it underestimated the cost of closing the Groton base." Ok, that sounds a little batty to me. I think it is much more likely the Navy just forgot that such an agreement existed, not deliberately ignored it. Honestly, they were doing a rather rush job, and how many other bases have ever signed an agreement like that with the Navy? That's right, none, as the agreement "is unique to the sub base." So, I think it is much more likely it was overlooked. Either way, though, things are looking up for NLON, even if this isn't the way I wanted them to save the base.

(H/T to Bubblehead)


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