30 June 2005

Children's Wisdom

Recently, the mini-PigBoatSailors have had some gems:

M-PBS V2.0 Mod1 (age 5):

Upon seeing Dad's new toy for the yard: "That doesn't look like a Slip n' Slide.  That looks like a slip and slip!"

Trying to discern why dad has a big bag near the grill:  "What is this?"
PBS: "Wood chips for the grill."
M-PBS 2-1: "How do you eat them?"

M-PBS V2.0 Mod2 (age 3):
M-PBS 2-2 <having a gassy day>: *bwwwaapp!*
PBS <trying to teach manners>: "What do we say when we fart?"
M-PBS 2-2: *raspberry*

Later that same day:
M-PBS 2-2:  *bwwwaapp!*
PBS:  "What do you say after you fart?"
M-PBS 2-2 <proudly>:  "That was me!"


At 6/30/2005, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

PBS, from F-LL V2.0 Mod1 (age 3)
Pointing at her brother's bear chest explains. "Girls have boobies and boys have nickels!"

At 7/01/2005, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...


Mini-PBS V2.0 Mod2 has learned the name for his male parts, and now, whenever he goes potty, we can hear him singing to himself, "I love my penis! I love my peeeeeennnniiiiissss!"
Just what I'd expect outta a bubblehead's son.

At 7/04/2005, Blogger WillyShake said...

HIGH-larious! Thanks for sharing--and Happy 4th of July!


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