20 May 2005

Please find a new reason to hate us...

So, this desecration story just will not go away. Now it is spurring riots in -London-. Yes, the US's favorite colony, another open and free society, has Muslims protesting our supposed desecration. You would think, living in another land of relatively-free press, they would realize that while the media can and does criticize the government, it is not infallable. If it were, I would be out looking for the Alien Bible that describes Oprah-Worship that the Enquirer put on its front page. They could check the Sun - believe it all? If so, there is a lot more there to protest.

I had never been a big fan of the "love it or leave it" sentiment, but, frankly, I am getting fed up. Protest, fine. There are definitely issues on which we are not perfect, and in some ways downright awful. But don't take the free speech we provide you and use it to call for New York to be bombed again. If you want to preach violence, shuttle your little jihadi butts to a country that encourages that. Oh wait, they aren't so much fun to live in, eh? Just take a look at Kat's recent posting on life in the KSA. And they are a progressive Muslim state...

I am just waiting for the news to break concerning the inevitable protests over the illegal Saddam pics recently printed by the Sun. This paragon of journalistic integrity has already said the US Govt. gave them the pic (sounds likely - that is how we like to release news, through a Brit rag). So of course, Muslims will blame us. Yet the Western public will take it, and even apologize profusely for it, without demanding similar apologies for the repeated publications of images that are far, far worse (caution, do not open if you have a weak stomach). Again, do not misunderstand me here, I do not hate, or even really dislike Islam. However, I will have to refer you to something posted some time ago by John of Castle Arrrrrgh! regarding the religion's more radical element.


At 5/24/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't hate muslims. I do hate some @sswholes that are muslims.


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