19 May 2005

A Necessity in Any Country

Free speech, exercised both individually and through a free press, is a necessity in any country where people are themselves free.
-T. Roosevelt
Saw this sign at the beginning of the Diamondhead trail in Honolulu, HI:

For those of you who are not familiar with Honolulu, the beginning of the Diamondhead trail is in the center of a very large CRATER. Meaning, yes, near nothing, visible to no one.
I understand this has become rather commonplace, as has dealing with those not complying, either knowlingly or unknowingly, like this (story at the bottom of the page).
Forgive me if I am missing something, but I thought the whole country was a "First Amendment Area." Apparently, trying to excercise what I thought were guaranteed rights can get you charged with "interference with official acts." *sigh*


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