31 May 2005

Hackers for Freedom

The tongue clicking over this story really has me amused.

To sum up: Some "White hat" hacking groups have been taking apart websites that are a part of phishing scams and the like. A conservative damage assesment of these scams states:
Analysts say these frauds may result in thefts of up to one million dollars a day worldwide and can lead to identity theft and more losses.

These hackers, such as the Lad Wrecking Crew, get into the sites, and then re-write them so that it is obvious they are a scam. Some folk are worried that such attacks "could leave the brand holder open to further retaliation," and that "they could get it wrong just as vigilantes in the Wild West got it wrong. We would rather see the industry itself find solutions." The least hand-wringing response to all of this is still not all that supportive: "It is undoubtedly a good thing in that they are helping to protect innocent web users. On the other hand, it is perhaps unfortunate in that it's probably illegal."

I think this last staement is probably the most fair. Let the industry find a solution? Like they have done such a great job so far? They are worried about the brand holder? Shouldn't the brand holder thank the hackers for taking down a site that would ultimately cost them money? Sheesh. I say recruit these guys. Think of what moral hackers could be used for. Not just anti-phishing and anti-identity theft. Wahabists like to spread their messages via the net. Oh, that website you were using to show beaheadings and how to build an IED? Yeah, we took it down. Spreading Osama's message? Say goodbye to your server. The west has its fill of bored guys who have enough skills to wreak havoc on sites they are pointed to. Why not exploit this natural resource. Someone tell the CIA to start hiring 'em, I say...


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