27 May 2005

Brain Droppings

Just a few stories of note to kick off the weekend:

Remember the Minuteman Project? Yeah, the civilians who patrolled a portion of the US-Mexico border to try and cut down on illegal border crossings. The result? No illegal detentions, a lot of reports given to the border patrol, and more than a few immigrants helped out with water and other aid when they were caught unprepared in the desert. No violence or illegal acts (other than the border crossings) concerning the Minutemen at all. Until now. And yeah, it was the Minutemen who were attacked. That is the compassionate, reasoned debate that I would expect from the narrow-minded.

Some are claiming this story is one of religious persecution. I think it sounds more like a group asking for religious preferences. If you want to pray, don't leave your vehicle where it shouldn't be. Plan ahead, go park somewhere you are allowed to, and then pray. If a Catholic decided to leave his cab in front of the airport to run into the airport chapel to receive communion, I would expect him to be ticketed as well. It isn't discrimination when the law is reasonable, not a secret, and is applied to all.

This, however, seems more along the lines of religious persecution. I would love to hear what they consider a 'mainstream religion'. I grew up in a state that the Catholic Church considered missonary territory due to the low numbers of Catholics (~5%). Would that be considered non-mainstream then? How about my cousin, who adheres to pre-Vatican II Catholicism, and goes to Mass in Latin. Ooooh, it is in a wierd, dead language. Is that non-mainstream? For once, I am cheering for the ACLU (or ICLU in this case...)

Remember the Nick Cage / Sean Connery movie The Rock? The chemical they loaded into rockets, VX - it is a real substance, and it is rather nasty. The US is the only contry in possesion of it, and, laudably, they are trying to dispose of this dangerous chemical. Good old American ingenuity has devised a way to break the chemical down into component parts that are about a caustic as drain cleaner. Yet they are being prevented from doing so because they are being blocked from moving the resultant waster water, NOT the VX mind you, across state lines. All intert components of VX are in the waste water. This reminds me of the 'nuclear boogeyman' that rears its ugly head all too often. It sounds scary, so play on the fear rather than the science. *sigh* Would they rather we just keep the nasty stuff?

Wow, John Kerry has finally signed is SF 180! Now if he can just figure out how to mail it... Someone should really tell him the election is over, so he can stop jacking around. Yeah, I want someone this weasel-ish as my Prez...


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