31 May 2005

BRAC question

Ok, I know I cannot seem to let this BRAC thing go, but now I have to wonder about some of the planning the DoD put into its approach.
What spurs my question is this story. The DoD is going to, hopefully today, make *some* of the detailed data regarding why it put together the list as it did available to Congress. Most of the data is classified secret, for understandable reasons, but it seems there was no thought put into ensuring there was a place set up for cleared individuals to review the data, or a method thought out for getting those with a stake in this cleared quickly so they could review as well. Did the DoD really think no one was going to want to look at this data? Please - why make it look like something is being hidden? We have done BRAC before, has this not been figured out yet?

Ah well, I look forward to the Senators leaking info regarding what they find - should be interesting to hear what they think about the data that undelies the decisions.


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