24 May 2005

Beltway Lessons Learned

I love visiting DC, really. But at least I learned some valuable things this time (although I probably could have guessed at them):

1) When three O-6's enter the meeting already arguing before the agenda is even read, it is going to be a long meeting.
2) Do not greet a Senior Chief as he enters by saying, "Nice to see someone who actually knows what is going on," while previously mentioned O-6's (still arguing) are within earshot.
3) If the O-6 you are there to support decides halfway through the meeting that it just isn't worth his time anymore, leave with him, lest you be the object of the other CAPT's ire for the rest of the meeting.
4) If, 90 minutes into "discussions" on future timelines, a CAPT pipes up and says, "Well, do we have a plan here or not?" you can assume you have not made much progress.
5) Do not respond to the posed question, "All these system improvements are meant to increase performance, correct?" by mutterring, "No, dumbass, they are to help make a frothier cappuccino," as you might be overheard (again).

Gee I miss the collaborative atmosphere that permeates our nation's capital!


At 5/24/2005, Blogger WillyShake said...

OUCH! Damn, this brings back memories of the "attitude" I developed as a senior JO--once the "railroad tracks" were pinned on, it seems my tolerance for BS dropped to the fiducial level! LOL.

...so what happened? Did they pull you aside later and say anything to you, or did they let you have it right there on the spot?

At 5/24/2005, Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

Got called on it on the spot, both times. First slip, one of the CAPTs turned away from the "discussion" and asked, "What, do we not count as knowing anything?" To which I replied in my best butt-kissing voice (rather not make it harder for my CAPT), "Oh no, sir, I would *never* mean to imply that." Wanted to wash my mouth out. The second time, the system eng. was the one who overheard me, and he couldn't get a word out to let me have it, as he was too busy laughing his butt off, and waving off questions from others as to why he was suddenly so mirthful...

At 5/24/2005, Blogger drunknsubmrnr said...

If they didn't want sarcasm, why did they invite a submariner to the meeting? Some people just don't learn....

Great blog...you're linked.


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